Have you ever watched the movie Sound of Music?

If you haven’t, it’s recommended that you do it before proceeding with this lesson. Well, you don’t have to watch the entire movie, just about a 10-minute clip of it and you are done.

In music we have keys and we have notes, please NOTE the difference.

A Music Key is like a cupboard filled with books. Those books are your Music Notes.

Music Key is the home while the Music Notes are members of the home such as the father, mother, and Children.

While we have 12 Visual Music Keys, we have 7 unique notes in each of these keys.

You might have heard of Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (especially if you watched the movie I recommended). This is the Major Scale in Tonic Solfa Notation.

Count it … it’s 7 in number, and the last “Do” is a repetition of the previous.

In the Key of C Major, we have these notes.

C D E F G A B C and they represent Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do respectively in the Key of C only.

I wrote the key of C Major only because each Key has its own Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do positions, and I will show you how in the next lesson.

However, as a “take home” from this lesson you need to understand that we have just 7 unique notes in each key.

See you in the next lesson.

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