In the last article, it was noted that no matter how large a Piano Keyboard is it will always have a particular repetitive set of 12 visually unique keys.

Remember we have 12 months in the Calendar anytime you want to remember, we have 12 visually unique keys.

These 12 Keys can be categorized based on their Colors.

We have White and Black Keys

The White Keys are A,B,C,D,E,F & G respectively all totalling 7 in number.

The White keys are often referred to as Natural Keys because they don’t contain Pitch Modifiers(Accidental Signs)

The Black Keys are 5 in number.

The black keys are always having accidental signs known as either sharps(#) or flats(b).


C# or Db

D# or Eb

F# or Gb

G# or Ab

A# or Bb

This occurrence of a particular key having two different different names is known as Enharmonics

Before we go further we have to understand the location of the common keys which will help in locating the others.

Looking at the black keys on the Keyboard, you would easily see a pattern of black keys grouped in two’s and three’s.

The Key of C comes always before the two’s black keys.

The of F comes always before the three’s black keys.

You might not quickly see the importance of knowing this but as things keeps getting interesting you have to be able to locate keys easily even without looking at the keyboard and this is your starting point to overcome that when you get there.

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