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Below are all the Lessons


Introduction to music

Music as a language

Elements of music

Why Learn the Piano?

Piano/keyboard overview


The 7 unique Notes

Learning melodies


The Major Scale

Learning melodies 2

Key Signatures

Scale Degrees

Harmony Intros

Major Chord

Primary Chords in a Key

A song with Harmony /Melody

Chord Inversions 1

Playing songs (with emphasis on chord inversion uses)

6ths for harmonizing melodies 1

Minor Chords

Uses of Minor Chords

Uses of diminished chords (Leading concept/Passing chord)

Minor Scale – Natural, Harmonic & Melodic

Uses of minor scales

Chromatic Scales

Chromatic Practice of Chords (Major, Minor and Diminished)

The Circle of 4ths/5ths Practice Chords in Circle.

Circle Driven Progressions (uses)

Learn three Basic Songs