The Piano keyboard is a musical instrument with visible Keys/Notes that deliver unique sounds/pitches when pressed.

It is worthy to note that the inventor of the Piano is Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) of Italy.

We have various types of Pianos/keyboards ranging from Acoustic Pianos to digital/electrical Keyboards.

Acoustic Pianos are commonly expensive than Digital Pianos. Acoustic Pianos are also manually constructed to produce sound with the aid of felt-covered hammers hitting steel-wire strings hence they are not electronically powered.

Digital Pianos on the other hand are electrically Powered to produce sounds, have various effects and voices that are sampled to mimic other instruments, they are more lightweight and portable than the Acoustic Pianos.

Digital pianos are what we recommend at inspiredfingers because it is highly affordable and portable to use and learn with on the go.

Whether you settle for digital or acoustic piano, you are playing the same thing because the keys/notes are equivalent on either piano.

In music we have 12 Major keys and even though the sizes of pianos differ from 49keys to 61keys to 88keys (Standard number of keys). This explains that the keys/note on the Keyboard/Piano are repetition of “Twelves”.

In the Next lesson we will examine the Keys & Notes in details.

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