Music? Why not piano?

The piano is simply a musical instrument and if we are really going to learn it, then we need to know the basics of music itself. Trust me, you are going to learn much more than you bargained for with a really simplified approach.

let’s go…

What is music, then?

“Music simply means organized or pleasant sounds in time that EXPRESSES ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony.” culled from

If you could understand that automatically, then you must be a monk.

But read on because I am about to reveal a very valuable TIP to you.

Here we go.

If you read the definition of music again, you will notice I emphasized the word “expresses”

Now music is like a language, and it deals with expressions/communication in sounds. Although a singer sings in words, however without those elements of music (rhythm, melody, and harmony), the singer will only be talking, just like you are reading this now.

Let me digress a little bit here.

If you watch a horror movie and a bad scene is about to take place, you will be very aware due to some background music that you hear. It sends you a message about what is about to happen even before it happens.

Some movies also will also want to make you cry because of the music in the background.

In ancient times also Music is used for signals of war.

To wrap it up here, just understand the Keyboard or any musical instrument including your voice is only a tool for making, expressing or communicating music.

As a Matter of fact, Music is a language.

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