Consider this paragraph now. It consists of alphabets, which form words, and then words that form sentences.

Music has alphabets too; it’s called a scale.


A-Z in the English Language

For music it is A, B , C , D , E , F & G.

Each letter is called a music note.

A sequence of music notes is called a Music Scale

Notes from the scale are put together to form Chords.

Chords are like words in the English language (now I think that rhymes!).

A sequence of well organized chords forms what we call a Chord Progression.

Chord progressions (musical sentences) are like sentences in the English language.

And finally for every complete Song (music) that passes a message to the audience, it is like a full paragraph or a complete essay.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What I want you to pick here is that music is not just in sounds (aural) but also written and understood as well.

Hence music is like a language but to me; it is a language.

Please read this over and over until you understand it well.

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