Did you get the F Major Scale? let’s find out in this lesson.

Remember the Formula again

The Major Scale Formula: W W H W W W H

With this formula all 12 Major Scales (i.e each Major key)

Congrats! I believe you got the F major scale and now you have the others.

But don’t be in a hurry to go to the next lesson, How do you practice & play the major scales just as smoothly as I do?

Proper fingering technique is the answer.

each scale has its unique fingering that works well when playing it.

Your fingers on both left and right are labeled 1 as the thumb, the rest follows

Hence, here is the fingering chart for all Major scales on the piano

So if you were to Play the C Major Scale (CDEFGABC) with your right hand

Thumb(1) on the C

Pointer(2) on the D

Middle finger(3) on the E

Thumb(1) on the F note

Pointer(2) on the G

Middle finger(3) on the A

Ring finger(4) on the B

Little finger(5) on the C

Just reverse it when trying to descend the scale and there you have it.

Now it’s time to practice the other Major Scales. Try the right hand first before doing the left.

Also take note that keys like C, D, E, G, A & B share similar fingerings on the righthand so you have little or nothing to worry about when practicing those.

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