I know the topic you see is not what you expected. Just Relax it’s all for a reason.

You can’t properly understand what the Major Scale is and how to create major scales including the C Major Scale I just taught you without knowledge of Musical Intervals.

Interval in music is the distance between two notes(music pitches)

The distance between notes A and B in music is an interval.

In Music, we classify Intervals as Melodic or Harmonic Intervals based on how we play them.

Melodic Interval is the Interval between notes played one after the other.

A Harmonic Interval is the interval between notes held down together.

Furthermore we also measure distances/intervals in Half or whole steps.

A Half step (H) is the distance between two immediate neighboring notes e.g C & C#

Whole Step (W) is defined as when you skip a neighboring note and play the next immediate one instead e.g C & D

The Major Scale formula is introduced using whole steps and half steps so that you can start at any key and get the appropriate Major scale for it.

The Major Scale Formula: W W H W W W H

Below is a Pictoral representation of how to derive the C major scale using the formula

This is how I was able to get the C Major Scale earlier for you which results to CDEFGABC

Now can you please try to get the F major Scale?

In the next lesson, we reveal all 12 Major Scales.

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